How to submit a new run to AMP

In order to submit a new run to AMP, you must first register for an account and login.
Below are the various stages of submitting a run:

Step 1: Choosing a star

Most runs are associated with a specific star. In order to select a star, you must use the AMP Find a Star service. When logged in, you have the option to submit a new run for the target star while viewing any Star or Run results page.

Alternatively, you may choose to run a simulation that is not associated with any star. You may select this option in the first step of the submission process.

Step 2: Choosing run type, restrictions, and basic information

The second step of the run submission process requires you to name your run and select whether you are submitting a Direct Model Run or an Optimization Run. In-depth explanations of what data is required for each run type can be found below in step 3.

In addition, during this step you may provide a description of your run with any notes or comments you wish to provide. If you are a member of a group such as KASC, you may also choose to restrict your run to only be visible to other members of your group. This will prevent input data, results, and existence of your run from being visible to others.

Step 3 (Optimization): Uploading observational data and constraints

For optimization runs, you are required to upload a text file containing seismic observables (Spherical Degree [ ], Frequency [ ƒ ] and Error [ ε ].) A complete guide to formatting your observables file is available.

Additionally, you may provide optional constraints for:

  • Effective Temperature ( Teff ) and error ( σT )
  • Luminosity (in Solar Units) ( L/L ) and error ( σL )
  • Radius (in Solar Units) ( R/R ) and error ( σR )
  • Log of metallicity relative to Solar ( [M/H] )
  • Log of surface gravity (cgs units) ( log(g) )

If you provide a value for any of these constraints, you also are required to provide the corresponding error.

Step 3 (Direct Model): Inputting parameters

For direct model runs, you are required to input physical parameters for the model. The required parameters are:

  • Mass [ M/M ]
  • Heavy Element Mass Fraction (Metallicity) [ Z ]
  • Initial Helium Mass Fraction [ Y0 ]
  • Mixing-Length (Convective Efficiency) [ α ]
  • Stellar Age [ τ ]

Step 4: Choosing allocation, resource and notification options

The final step in the submission process. Here you select grant, resource, allocation, and whether you want to be contacted via e-mail with status updates or when your run completes.

More information

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