AMP Community Computational Allocations

The Asteroseismic Modeling Portal is currently supported by several grants that provide computational time for the entire AMP community on resources at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and other XSEDE resource providers.

Current allocations available to all AMP users include:

  • XSEDE: This allocation provides computer time on the NICS "Kraken" supercomputer, but usage is limited to two simultaneous genetic algorithm simulations via system queue limits.

Although all registered AMP users may submit jobs using these allocations, the AMP portal performs capacity control by allocation and resource. This prevents swamping any particular resource with a large number of simulations such that running simulations make rapid progress.

Using Private XSEDE Allocations with AMP

If you are a researcher with your own XSEDE allocation, you may request the ability to use your grant to run AMP simulations. If you charge your own grant instead one of the community grants, your jobs will be queued for execution separately. For example, if a resource is configured to allow two simulations to run simultaneously, two simulations from the community allocations will be submitted, and two simulations from your personal allocation will be submitted.

If you would like to use your grant to run AMP simulations, please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you. The process first requires that you contact XSEDE allocations and authorize the GridAMP Community User to charge against your allocation. After the GridAMP user has been authorized, we can configure the AMP gateway to allow users of your choice to submit jobs to your allocation.

More information

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